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Welcome Naturalista!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my external page for all things natural and sexy for brown-skinned chicas! My name is Afro Chick. I've been natural since I was twenty-two years old and today I'm thirty-seven -- still keeping true to my beliefs that all things natural are beautiful!  You have entered into a new domain that I've just created;  I'm very excited about this new writing venture.

Currently, I'm blogging on a special assignment for the Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Festival that will be held at Reliant Center in Houston, Texas on December 7 & 8th. Afro Chick will be hosting a contest to giveaway tickets, posting commentary, videos, and interviews about the conference to help you with your personal natural hair care regimen or if you're just beginning to start out and want to learn about products (there will be info here for you!!!).

I'm no expert so please notate that, but I do know that being natural is the best thing since sliced bread! If you want to have knowledge of self you have come to the right place. Stay tuned for more updates, take the natural hair care survey, get ready to download a FREE copy of my new natural hair care online magazine documenting this journey of blogging about the festival and celebration of being naturally sexy!

Check back often about updates and follow me via my social media outlets below.


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